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Mitzvah Projects

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project Guidelines and Requirements

Your project can be as big or small as you like, so long as it is a contribution to the community or a charity. In class, you have discussed the ways to choose something that is meaningful to you, which we hope will make this a very satisfying experience.


  • your time: this can be a one-day event, or an on-going commitment
  • your understanding: what you have learned about the organization
  • your connection: why this project is meaningful to you


Google Form: once you have chosen your project, fill in the details of your mitzvah project for tracking:

Paragraph: submit a paragraph (and photos if possible) to Cindy for inclusion on our Mitzvah Projects website page before your simcha

Display: Create a bristol board display or a brochure/handout to demonstrate what you did for your project, including some background about the organization and what you did to help. This will be displayed in the lobby or handed out at your simcha.

D’var Torah (Speech): include a paragraph in your d’var Torah that tells about your project and, if possible, how it connects to your Torah portion. Cantor Jeremy will help you with this.


Wed, November 20 2019 22 Cheshvan 5780