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The Beth Radom Congregation is a family-oriented Conservative Egalitarian synagogue. We are a growing, vibrant community with a membership of over 250 families in a warm environment where all can participate.  Our services, life-cycle events, festival celebrations and programs are open to both members and non-members. We have elegant and intimate facilities and kosher catering for simchas and we will be glad to help you plan your event.


Beth Radom Congregation is a Conservative Egalitarian Synagogue dedicated to spiritual observance through participatory services, life long learning, and Tikkun Olam.


The Beth Radom Congregation is a growing community of families co-operatively creating an environment of religious equality and spirituality.

The Beth Radom Congregation, a.k.a. BRC or the Radomer Shul, is Toronto's first Conservative synagogue which combines traditional and alternative approaches, services and customs with a spiritual davening experience. We are a child-friendly shul where women participate in our services and synagogue leadership. We welcome all to visit us and give us a try.


The Radomer Mutual Benefit Society in partnership with the B’nai Radom founded the Beth Radom Congregation in 1962 in its present location at 18 Reiner Road, Toronto.

Chartered in 1925, the Radomer Mutual Benefit Society, a.k.a. Radomer Society, occupied a leading position in the Jewish Community of Toronto. The society was founded by a small group of Radomers. During the 1929 depression, the society founded the Relief Fund which conducted a successful campaign for the needy Jews of Toronto. As the activities of the organization grew, it acquired a building in 1932 located on Beverly Street.

The Radomer Benefit Society had a proud record of accomplishments. It provided considerable support to the city’s education institutions, welfare institutions, Jewish National Fund, Youth Aliyah, and the Canadian Red Cross.

B’nai Radom was organized in 1950 by a group of survivors from Radom, Poland who settled in Toronto after World War II. The last generation to be born in Radom, they carried on the traditions of social and community work.

The Radomer Mutual Benefit Society and the B’nai Radom founded the Beth Radom Congregation in 1962. The Beth Radom Congregation grew and in 1994 the building underwent renovation, the present sanctuary added.

Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783